Thursday, May 1, 2008

Still thinking about it

Heaven help me, Finny linked to my blog, which doesn't really exist. I started it a year ago, then realized I wasn't too sure about putting my life out there for the world. But I do like to share all the things I make, so I think I may start again, just with project-like posts.

I'm tickled pink (pun intended) to be the FaDSA winner for April. My goal for these projects was to use up fabric in the bins and bins and bins that I have collected over the past five years. So when I saw that this apron was seersucker, I knew I had to use the pink-seersucker-that-was-going-to-be-a-dress-for-my-daughter-but-was-still-in-the-bin. Then out of laziness and also thinking it would be stinkin' cute, I used some wide ribbon I had instead of sewing ties. This time-saver was then counter-balanced when the apron hung way low and I had to cut the neckstrap and sew on some d-rings to make it adjustable.

So, I really wanted this to be a gift, but once I made it I could not think of a soul to give it to. Everyone I know preppy enough to wear this (and I know some, believe me) doesn't cook. And this is not to be wasted on the non-cooking because it is functional, people. Full boob coverage!

There you have it - I just appliqued that little 'J' on there and now there's no mistaking - this sucker's mine and I look darn sassy in my kitchen. Just ask my kids, they'll tell you. Mommy wears this pretty dress thing when she cooks now. Yep.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here we go. . .

After living the life of a lurker (oh yes, I've been hanging around, reading all about your life, and NOT commenting) I've decided to start some blabbering of my own. Today I joined the In Stitches Sew Along group. I love all things Amy Butler, so when I stumbled upon this group, I had to join. Each month Kelli and Finny pick a new project from the book, adding their own twist, and people complete it and post their pictures. It's pretty cool to see one pattern played out in so many different ways. April's project was the Wide Leg Lounge pants. Wide legs indeed! These babies were made from a lime and white seersucker, the only fabric I had enough of in my stash. (2 3/4 yards!) I think it was originally purchased to make some cutesy matching outfits for the kids, but now, we have some comfy lounge pants. The kids could probably fit in there with me, so don't feel sorry for them. The trim is made of this super cute seersucker with little orange and lime flowers. Yummy. And the little applique flower is orange and white. . . say it with me now. . . seersucker. All in all, a quick and useful little project. Now if I just had something to put in that glass. . .